First Pilot

This pilot will include the participation of at least 10 senior consultants/and or directors (+55 year old), with a high level of stress in their jobs, low physical activity, long hours at work, occasional travels to foreign countries and some meetings outside the workplace.

Due to the new “Zero email policy”, they have short but frequent meetings “face–to-face” with other workers inside headquarters’ building with 4 floors. Need for the solution to cope with data privacy issues (non-discrete sensors or alert systems could be very embarrassing in the working environment).

Second Pilot


This pilot will support technical maintenance staff and operational management. The maintenance employees experience a high physical and mental workload because of the size of the leisure park and the short timespans in which defects need to be corrected. Older employees are crucial due to their experience with the infrastructure. However, because of the physical and mental workload it becomes a challenge to remain efficient. The pilot will focus on reducing both the mental and physical workload of the users.

Pilot Application

The most important achievement of the Active@Work project is the two pilot’s implementation, first in a Multinational Office Environment and later in a leisure site in Belgium. For 12 months the solution will be tested in a real environment, based on scenarios early defined and previously tested in a laboratory environment with simulated data. This will enable the validation of the solution at technical, functional and market levels. The pilot deployment will start at June 2016. During the pilot phase, end-users will regularly evaluate the results. This will allow the identification of errors, but also to obtain the user's feedback in order to respond to regulatory requirements, optimize, enhance and adopt functionalities. A test and prototyping program of the different usability and feasibility test beds will be defined. The provisioning and integration of components of the demonstrators to enable an adequate environment for conducting viability assessment of the self-service platforms by all the stakeholders will also be guaranteed.

The 1st pilot of the solution will be deployed in a large Consultancy Company and focus especially on senior management personnel. Dignity of the users has to be carefully preserved. The 2nd pilot will be deployed in a Belgian leisure park to support the technical maintenance team. The maintenance team has to respond timely to defects identified throughout the park. The aim of the pilots is to reduce both the physical as well as the mental workload of the users and at the same time improve their safety. These pilots are interesting for exploring the market possibilities of the platform. New variables arise from deploying the system in big buildings and taking into account mobility of employees out of their local office.

This will contribute to explore the real cost for future implementations in different working environments. This approach will provide a solid knowledge base for benchmarking, and an important set of information that will allow the consortium to conduct studies and evaluation of acceptance in order to understand and explore the potential benefits of the solution. Finally, there will be a more comprehensive analysis, based on a study of the impacts of the solution.


Funding Agencies

The project Active@Work nº AAL-2013-6-140 has received funding from AAL JP, co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities: Ministerio de industria, energía y Turismo of Spain (Minetur); FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia in Portugal, Government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology of Belgium (IWT); and State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) of Switzerland.

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