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It is an established fact that European governments are raising the retirement age because the life span is getting longer. This is also motivated by the current socio-economic situation that is forcing Europe to rethink its social security systems; because of demographic ageing, innovative approaches are required. In particular, solutions to assist older adults to keep active, motivated and with quality of life in their work environment are sought after. It is also worth noticing that several studies claim that working beyond traditional retirement age may be beneficial for mental and physical health.

One way to address these concerns is to assist older adults at continuing their work without risking their health by promoting a feeling of wellness. However, efficiency and general learning ability decline with age. Physical constraints can also cause older adults to be less productive than their younger colleagues.

However, despite being more susceptible to physical strain, mental stress and fatigue, older adults are usually very skilled and prudent decision makers, and also have an invaluable knowledge that was gathered over the years. These are important and relevant assets that, if well "explored" will benefit the older adult and, consequently, the community. These also represent a valuable asset for the worker company. The retaining and transfer of these capacities to the younger workforce would undeniably beneficiate the respective employer. In fact, years of experience endow senior workers with knowledge that is not found in younger colleagues, no matter how competent they are, and this is observed in every sector of society.

In short, by providing the means to keep older workers active and by adjusting their role to their actual physical capabilities and health state, the workers would still have the capability to play an active role in the society, making them feel useful and capable to carry out their work, thus providing a sense of well-being which would, according to the multiple studies regarding "working after retirement age", provide him mental and physical health benefits.


Funding Agencies

The project Active@Work nº AAL-2013-6-140 has received funding from AAL JP, co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities: Ministerio de industria, energía y Turismo of Spain (Minetur); FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia in Portugal, Government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology of Belgium (IWT); and State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) of Switzerland.

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