Active@work is a European consortium, constituted by 7 participants, covering all the areas in the value chain of the project through international collaboration between Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal.

One of the success factors of Active@work is the European wide dimension, and the synergies found by the interaction between 5 companies and 2 research development technology institutions: ATOS from Spain (Project’s coordinator), INOV INESC INOVAÇÃO – Instituto de Novas Tecnologias and Multisector Norte – Innovation Consulting, Lda from Portugal; Yazzoom BVBA, IOS International and Sensolus BVBA from Belgium and University of St. Gallen from Switzerland.


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Atos is one of the major international information technology services companies. ATOS employs 75,000 professionals in 42 countries and it a Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games. Atos participates in technology platforms like the European and Spanish platform of Nanomedicine, eMOV for mobility, eSEC for security, PROMETEO for embedded systems and INES for software and services. Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) is the node of Research & Development of Atos and has taken part in more than 300 international research projects cofounded by the European Commission and/or national funding sources. ARI focuses on project accomplishment, combining economic exploitation of research results with the most up-to-date technological developments and high awareness of human factors, such as education sciences, disability-related issues, cultural diversity, and multilingualism. ARI has recently received three awards: the national prize on R&D excellence, Mare Nostrum, granted by the Ministry of Education and Science on Nov 30th, 2010, the Enterprise- University Award granted by Her Highness Princess Elena and the Council of Chambers of Commerce of Spain on Nov 12th 2010, and the Best paper award of IARIA (International Academy research and Industry Association). The Health Sector within Atos Research & Innovation will be the one in charge of the development and management of the project. This sector is composed of a group of engineers, biologists, bio-informatics, mathematicians, and doctors specialized in applied research and development of bio and health related projects. This group has a very wide experience on project management counting among their professionals with IMR certified personnel. Moreover, Health Sector of ARI has participated in many different projects as Technical partner counting with great experience in Technical Requirements (gathering and analysis) as well as in information management systems development. Some examples of the eHealth project are REACTION and LOCCANDIA (FP7) and AHEAD (Augmented Hearing Experience and Assistance for Daily life, AAL-2012-5-167), GoMyLife (a mobile social networking platform costumed to the needs of the elderly, AAL-2009-2-089) and ALADDIN (A technology pLatform for the Assisted living of Dementia elDerly INdividuals and their caregivers, AAL-2008-1-061).

INOV is a private, non-profit R&D Institute, dedicated to technological development and transfer of knowledge to the market, being responsible for products and systems development. INOV expertise for the health sector covers solutions for ageing well and inclusion, with spatial Dashboards to show business indicators and monitor progress at different stages of integrated care for chronic diseases. The work planned in this area by INOV is mainly focused in fostering the conditions to make it possible for more EU citizens to live healthy and active while ageing, in particular for independent living and social inclusion of elderly people. A short list of related projects is presented to outline the commitment of INOV in terms of eHealth policy: the project OPERA (Open PLC European Research Alliance) an IST Programme of the FP6; ACTS AC011 AMUSE: Advanced Multimedia Service for Residential users; SENSATION (FP6-IST IST-2002-1) to monitor the excessive fatigue, sleep, stress and lack of attention problems that can lead to serious accidents; IST 26820 UBISEC&SENS: Ubiquitous Sensing and Security in the European Homeland; AAL4ALL, a project to mobilize an industrial ecosystem for products and services in the area of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL); TICE.Healthy: to integrate and test innovative technological approaches for new products and services in non-formal environments promoting "Health and Quality of Life." Participation in multiple national funded projects related to web-based platforms for electronic PHR sharing, namely SONAR (Ref. 23026 – QREN/ADI), PEGSS (Ref. 23026 – QREN/IAPMEI) and PADSTEP (Ref. 23026 - QREN/IAPMEI).

IOS International, a Belgian company, develops and distributes a software platform IOS (abbrev. Information On the Spot) to improve the productivity and quality of risk management in an organization.

The mission of IOS International is delivering visualized and published knowledge on the right moment, in the desired format, to [global risk management] decision takers, via the most suitable medium and in a certain context that a well-founded decision can be taken within the shortest possible period of time.

IOS International offers a step-by-step implementation, supported by:

  • IOS Mapper, a software application to make an inventory and to inspect risk elements in various domains such as fire safety, physical security, environmental permit, etc… with a powerful reporting function.
  • IOS Publisher, a web platform to centralize and publish risk information in a harmonized emergency plan.
  • IOS Services, such as education, assistance, data collection, data import, generation of reports and ICT services (installation, integration with existing systems, analysis and development for tailor-made solutions).
IOS International is a ICT (information and communications technology) solution provider: Focusing on digitization, control, structuring and updating of very specific content i.e. all data related to physical assets. Using an in-house developed open and flexible application software and data base platform with extensive query and reporting functionalities. Delivering scenario based information to the mission critical activities of an organization, or in other words, making information “actionable” IOS International has proven domain-expertise in the information management of several domains: Evacuation, Fire intervention, Inspection, Emergency Planning, and Tailor Made Solutions & Services. These types of risks are managed via a software platform that gathers and distributes the required information to the people in the field.

Multisector, a Portuguese SME created in 1996, develops its activity supporting companies throughout their innovation processes. Develops management support services for SME and R&D entities, mainly on ICT and industrial sectors.

Multisector envisions to contribute to the creation of an environment that nourishes a technological and economic sustainable development, in a global economy perspective, namely by:

  • Supporting industrial and services companies in the definition and implementation of strategies that allow them a sustainable growth and competitiveness;
  • Assisting the execution of strategies and policies aiming at guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
Multisector has specific skills within innovation and new technologies areas, including:
  • Technological and innovation consultancy - technology transfer actions between R&D Entities and Companies;
  • R&D Projects - conception and development consultancy with participation on high technology projects;
  • R&D Projects - submission of proposals to national and EU research and investment programmes;
  • R&D Projects - technical and financial management;
  • Technological, scientific, social, economic and market Studies;
  • Supporting activities developed by companies and R&D entities.

Annually, Multisector assists dozens of companies with the conception and management of projects in Several funding programmes, providing support since its origin to the stages of promotion and dissemination.

Sensolus (administrative name Context Wise BVBA) is a private Belgian SME founded in 2013 that offers turnkey solutions to support their customers to enter in the “connected” world of Internet of Things. Sensolus has developed strong modular software and hardware building blocks that allow creating domain specific end-2-end applications for the Internet of Things tailored to the customer needs. Current Sensolus product portfolio focuses on short and long range location and context-based sensing solutions that are used in a variety of domains.

Sensolus has a multidisciplinary team consisting of software engineers, hardware engineers, and a sociologist in order to tailor end-to-end IoT (Internet of things) applications to the customer’s needs.

Established in 1898, the University of St. Gallen (HSG) has the Switzerland’s largest faculty for business administration. The competence centre “Health Network Engineering” (CC HNE) is one of the premier research groups in Switzerland in the domain of health information management and informatics. The aim of the CC HNE is to advance the capabilities of its members on the fields of process-orientation, quality, costing, controlling, logistics, information management and other management fields at the border between technology, medicine, and business administration. Furthermore CC HNE has gained comprehensive knowledge in the field of design science research, especially regarding the design of innovative new (IT) services for the healthcare context. The CC HNE carries out basic and applied research which is geared towards problem solving and research-based education. In doing so, the CC HNE systematically makes use of the synergy harnessed from research, which traditionally has a focus on practical relevance. As a result of this strong emphasis on practical and useful research, the CC HNE has established a broad network of healthcare organizations (particularly hospitals) and technology providers that voluntarily are involved in research on a regular basis. One of the core competencies is the extensive knowledge about the systematic development of methods and engineering-based approach to service design.

Yazzoom BVBA is a private Belgian SME founded in 2011 and is specialized in designing and developing software for data processing. Yazzoom provides software and R&D services to companies, knowledge institutes and government agencies. Our objective is to realize value for our customers through our expertise in software development, computer modelling, control, machine learning, signal processing and data mining.

Both software for processing real-time data like sensor data in intelligent machines, and software for performing descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics on large amounts of historical data.

Yazzoom’s customers show a large variety in industry segments and company sizes and is active in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.


Funding Agencies

The project Active@Work nº AAL-2013-6-140 has received funding from AAL JP, co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities: Ministerio de industria, energía y Turismo of Spain (Minetur); FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia in Portugal, Government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology of Belgium (IWT); and State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) of Switzerland.

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